The World's first Honorary Causa Grand Ph.D. Degree in Philanthropy bestowed by the International University of Fundamental Studies (IUFS) affiliated to three prestigious establishment namely oxford education network, International Parliament of Safety & Peace & California University FCE. CE, USA. Russia to Dr. S.P. Singh Oberoi, Managing Trustee of Sarbat da Bhala Charitable Trust in India in recognition of  contribution to dedicated to social-economic transformation of rural and remote areas of India, especially the weaker and socially underprivileged groups, through physical, social, cultural and economic development of rural people, groups and institutions.   Honorary Causa Grand Ph.D. Degree in Philanthropy awarded by the IUFS Intergovernmental Higher Academic Council to person who engages himself in philanthropy; that is, someone who donates his time, money, and reputation to charitable causes. A person who practices philanthropy is called a philanthropist.   It is also in recognition of social service and the dedicated services rendered by his  esteemed Charitable Trust Foundation towards enhancing the lives of the people of various remote areas around the World, aiming to empower communities and individuals to overcome the disadvantages of living in remote locations  by extending support  in developing their life style, health, Education standards giving  youngsters in  marriage etc Dr. Oberoi is a unique great character, one in a million, who can be found in the present  society