Pensions to Widows, Handicapped & Helps to Needy

  Pension cheque given to the mother of deceased Kashmir Singh who was among those 17 Indians released from Hanging Execution. Pension cheque given to Maharani Malerkotla who is living in Haveli (which is In a very poor condition). Pension cheque given to 80 year old mother (working in manrega scheme) of Shaheed Nirmal Singh. With the guidance of Dr. SP Singh Oberoi, SDBCT team present monthly pension cheque to a disabled Dhaba owner because he was seriously injured in a terrorist attack in Dina Nagar.       Under this scheme about 13000 poor, needy women and handicapped are getting pension ranging from Rs. 500/- to Rs. 5000/- per month , so that they can lead a life of selfless dignity. Sarbat Da Bhala Charitable Trust provides monthly financial assistance to groups and NGOs engaged in the service of humanity. A special team of doctors from our trust in Abohar-Fazilka area conducted a special survey on the economically backward people and provided relief to 1500 widows and the disabled under the pension scheme. Sarbat Da Bhala Charitable Trust also provides monthly financial assistance to needy farmers and their families.

Around 7387 poor & deserving women and handicapped are getting pensions varying from Rs. 750 to 5000 per month under this scheme so that these destitute women could live a respectable life. Sarbat Da Bhala Charitable Trust also provides monthly financial assistance to prominent NGOs who are actively involved in the service of mankind. Special survey was conducted in economically weaker Abohar-Fazilka belt by our dedicated teams of doctors and experts. Pensions to more than 500 widows, handicapped and the like are being granted regularly. Tricycles and Wheel chairs are also provided to the needy. Some handicapped persons have also been given financial assistance for purchasing Motor-Cycle-Rehries for running door-to-door Mobile Shops. Sewing Machines are also provided to the skilled deserving ladies to earn for their livelihood.

Pensions to Families of Pulwama Martyred
      Dr. S.P. Singh Oberoi met the family members of Shaheed Sukhwinder Singh Ji who was martyred in Pulwama attack. Trust has pledged to support and stand by giving Rs. 10,000/- as monthly pension to the family.   Dr. S.P. Singh Oberoi meet Shaheed Kulwinder Singh Family Vill Rauli District Ropar and gave Rs. 10,000/- regular monthly pension to family.
S.P. Singh Oberoi has given a pension of Rs 10,000 per month to the families of 20 martyred soldiers who fought against the Chinese army in the Galwan Valley of Ladakh. The trust is also contacting 9 families of the deceased.   Especially Dr. Oberoi has adopted the two-year-old daughter of Jawan Abdul of Srinagar, who was martyred in Galwan Valley, Sarbat Da Bhala Charitable Trust took the responsibility for her upbringing, education and marriage. Martyred of Galwan Valley It is the duty of every one to help the families of the soldiers who are humbled for the country – S.P. Singh Oberoi