In recognition of his relentless global humanitarian works, activities and campaigns, the Grand Prix Humanitarian Association France has honoured First Turban Sikh Dr. S.P. Singh Oberoi with a Gold Medal for his outstanding work in the field of philanthropy.   The President of Grand Prix Humanitarian Association France, Lucie Calderon presented the Golden Laureate a rare honour (only one in a year), in a function specially organised at Parliament House in Paris in April, 2015.   Lauding the efforts of Dr Oberoi in the field of social service, Lucie Calderon said that the name S. P. Singh Oberoi needed no introduction as it had become synonymous with those in distress and suffering. She said that the association itself is honoured to give the Gold Laureate to Dr. Oberoi for his outstanding contribution in field of philanthropy.   Notably, the Association of the Grand Prix of France Humanitarian was founded in 1892, for the sole purpose of honoring and rewarding those, who, by their courage, their sacrifice, their work, their advice and their time, helped save or relieve their neighbor and those who also provided support to victims of disasters and humanitarian ¬†associations.